2018 Holiday Gift Guide HOLIDAY HOME DECOR

holiday home feature photo

Our homes seem to reflect us most clearly during this special holiday season.  Decorated with traditional colors and family heirlooms or perhaps some bold new traditions or minimalist décor, whatever your decorating style, these holiday home décor finds are sure to inspire you. 

Candle holders to help set the mood.

 Vessels to fill with greenery and pine cones.


And all manner of decorative accents.  Deck out your home for the holiday season, whether that is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or New Years.   

The holiday shopping season is in full swing.  This collection contains some great gift ideas, including lovingly handcrafted designs and vintage finds.  All brought to you by some of the shops of the Forget-me-Nots-Daily-Discoveries Team on Etsy.  Check out these great finds and shops and prepare to be amazed at the variety of handcrafted and vintage treasures you will find. 



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